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The American Center for Art and Culture promotes American contemporary art beyond its walls. Every month we make a selection for you!

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Look & Learn

Permanent Collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts


Permanent Collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts

This season, the Look & Learn program wants to discover the permanent collection of MAD Paris (Museum of Decorative Arts) with a visit built around the theme “What Makes Up American Design?” From Charles Eames to Donal Judd via Gloria Caranica, the visit will be an opportunity to discover the masters of American design.

 → Reservation and registration: Efrén Hernandez, programs@monabismarck.org

 → Only for school groups

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From March 6 to April 26

Tennessee Williams’ masterpiece The Glass Menagerie will be performed at the Théâtre de l’Odéon, directed by Ivo van Hove and with actress Isabelle Huppert.

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From January 23rd to April 5th 2020 – Le plateau, paris – 22 rue des Alouettes, 75019 Paris

Frac Île-de-France presents at Le Plateau the first exhibition in France dedicated to the American artist Ben Russell.  As an artist, filmmaker, and curator, Ben Russell’s work exists primarily at the site of projection, resulting in an embodied and hallucinatory experience of the documentary image.  La Montagne invisible is a multi-screen installation conceived as a journey into the infinite:  an immersive multi-channel AV installation that transforms the material of a Finnish wanderer’s secular pilgrimage towards a utopian summit into an infinite video labyrinth of beginnings, endings and disjunctive in-betweens.

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Le Paris Noir is a walk through Paris to discover the history of Black communities in the French capital!


We start in the Latin Quarter, home of the most prestigious schools in France. We first focus on a hidden French Colonial History and the rise of « la Négritude », a Pan-African literary and political movement.

Then we head to Saint-Germain to talk about the contributions of African American Expats (from Richard Wright to James Baldwin) to Post-WWII France. Their interactions with locals were fascinating and intense!

More information and reservation


Silence and Fear

From February 27 to March 8

After Doreen, his latest show, David Geselson creates Silence and Fear (Le silence et la peur) around the figure of Nina Simone, the world-famous committed singer with a deep and powerful voice. Great-great-granddaughter of an Amerindian woman married to an African slave, the black American singer carries four centuries of colonial history within her. David Geselson plunges us into this segregationist America, with French actresses and actors on the set, and others met in New York. Promise of a thread drawn between our common heritages…

Enjoy a discounted ticket: 13€ instead of 24€. Book your ticket at reservations@theatre-quartiers-ivry.com ou en appelant le 01 43 90 11 11 with the code “ACAC”.



Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin

From February 25th march 1st

 Louvre auditorium, Grand Palais auditorium, 

Cité internationale des arts

Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin creates flows between new cinema and contemporary art

Rencontres Internationales invites you to discover its new programme in Paris, from 25 February to 1 March 2020. Crossing new cinema and contemporary art, this unique platform in Europe provides a rare opening on contemporary audiovisual practices. Documentary approaches, experimental fictions, videos, hybrid and multimedia forms: the programme of Rencontres Internationales is the result of in-depth research and invitations to outstanding artists from the fields of cinema and contemporary art.

The event will take the form of an original itinerary between different venues: Louvre auditorium, Grand Palais auditorium and Cité internationale des arts, among others. In the presence of artists and filmmakers from all over the world, this edition introduces a brand new international programme, comprising 120 works from 40 countries; bringing together internationally renowned artists and filmmakers with young and emerging ones presented for the first time.

The event is free admission.



Made in America

The Compagnie des Aléas at the Théâtre des Déchargeurs

From March 30 to May 11. On Mondays at 9 PM

Thinking, writing and acting disaster.
Four short plays, four punches, four glimpses of America today. With his incisive and squeaky writing, tinged with black humour and a hint of trash, Neil LaBute imagines situations inspired by the dysfunctions of today’s societies, pushing them to the extreme. Racial discrimination and anti-immigration discourse, homophobia or the almost total disappearance of resources leading to a merciless power struggle. It’s a theatrical “black mirror” both hilarious and frightening for its ability to depict Donald Trump’s vision for the United States. Fortunately, in the midst of chaos, the sound of the American anthem and several “protest songs” remind us that we need to fight, to think, to create and to love each other.

Enjoy a discount ticket with the password AMERICANCENTER (capital): 12€ (instead of 28€). Book through the website:  http://www.lesdechargeurs.fr/ 



3 rue des déchargeurs 75001 Paris 

01 42 36 00 50


SCRIPT Neil Labute

DIRECTION Adrienne Olle & Léa Marie-Saint Germain

ACTORS Kevin Chamotte, Aurélien Gouas, Léa Marie-Saint Germain & Pierre Yvon
SET DESIGN Emmanuel Mazé
LIGHTS Vivien Lenon
SOUND Kevin Chamotte
VIDEO Arnaud Perron
GRAPHIC DESIGN Ghislain de Haut de Sigy

The show was created in partnership with the Théâtre du Train Bleu in Avignon and the Théâtre Berthelot in Montreuil. It received the support of ADAMI and SPEDIDAM.


Conferences – The American Dream

In partnership with Des Mots et des Arts and Mk2

From March 7 to June 11 2020


One hour, one woman of influence: Peggy Guggenheim. Saturday 03/07 at 11 am at Mk2 Odeon

One hour, One masterpiece: Jackson Pollock, Autumn Rhythm. Monday 03/16 at 11 am, Mk2 Parnasse

One hour, one museum: the Moma. Monday 03/23 at 12:30pm at Mk2 Parnasse

One hour, one movie: Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese. Tuesday 05/05 at 8pm at Mk2 Odeon

One hour, one filmmaker: Woody Allen. Tuesday 05/19 at 8pm at Mk2 Odeon

One hour, one artist: Basquiat. Thursday 06/11 at 8 pm at Mk2 Beaubourg

The information will be put on line progressively on the website of Des Mots et des Arts

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Bienvenue à l’American Center for Art and Culture.

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