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The American Center for Art and Culture promotes American contemporary art beyond its walls.

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Sally Mann. Thousand and One Passages.

Jeu de Paume

Sally Mann. Thousand and One Passages.

Until September 22, 2019

For more than forty years, Sally Mann (born in 1951) has been producing experimental photographs of haunting beauty that explores the essential themes of life: memory, desire, death, family ties, and masterly indifference of nature to men.


Sally Mann

Gelatin Silver print.

Crédit Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff. © Sally Mann



Henri Cartier Foundation – Bresson

Wright Morris


 Until September 29, 2019

American Wright Morris (1910-1998), a respected writer in the United States, strives to use his photographic campaigns to “capture the essence of the visible.” The HCB Foundation is offering its dual photographic and literary vision of America for the first time in France. The exhibition consists of prints, books and documents from the Estate of Wright Morris in San Francisco.


Credit Wright Morris, “Gano” Grain Elevator, Kinsley, Kansas, 1940 © Estate of Wright Morris


Playing with Seeds by the Mivos Quartet

The energetic American quartet develops its high-voltage playing in a program of strong contrasts, which questions the limits of the genre.

Playing with seeds evokes the work of anthropologist Paul Richards, studying rice cultivation techniques in Sierra Leone. This requires knowledge of the soil, the climate, the varieties…, but also intuition and luck, as well as, according to him, musical composition. Lewis takes up this argument again, and develops his motifs with an agronomist’s science, cultivating, cutting and transplanting them unceasingly, leaving it to the listener to make his way through them. The earth in these lands belongs “to the living, the dead, and the unborn,” which Lewis likes to consider as a fertile situation for listening.
Other immaterial presences are at work in Jimenez and Bedrossian. Sed de Arcano evokes the desire to know and approach the deep forces that act within us: as they reveal themselves beyond reach, they generate a tension that forms the crucible of the work. Bedrossian seeks to counter this failure with what he calls an “articulation of excess”. Both works deploy all the means of the quartet, in a rich and complex writing, making extensive use of polyphonic timbres and temporal games. Steen-Andersen offers a playful and stimulating counterpoint, working both on the physical challenges of the quartet and on its virtuality.

Sunday, September 8 at 5.30 p.m at the Abbaye de Royaumont



Multiple Art Days

MAD (Multiple Art Days) a must-see, one-of-a-kind fair!

Dedicated to multiples, MAD brings together more than 70 publishers, 1,000 artists and thousands of works, for 3 days on September 6, 7 and 8 at IESA, 1 Cité Griset, 75011 Paris.

In the great tradition of artists’ books, printmaking and art publishing that began with Dada, Malevitch and conceptual art, producing editions has always been appreciated by artists, well established or emerging, as a means of experimentation, and as an opportunity to go beyond institutions and galleries in order to reach a wider audience for their work.

In the Middle Ages, engraving was the only way to share original works at a time when travel was dangerous and expensive. Today more than ever, artists use the latest technologies as a kind of laboratory for inventing new ways of diffusing their art.

Art multiples (prints, films, artists’ books, records, jewellery, objects, archives …) form a kind of parallel art history, a world that artists, publishers, curators invent for themselves …

MAD – an innovative new way to present and diffuse works of art – offers a complete panorama to discover, understand, meet the actors of this experimental, dynamic and irresistible field of contemporary art.



Deauville American Film Festival

Since its creation in 1975, the Deauville American Film Festival has been both showcasing the diversity of American cinema, from major Hollywood productions to independent films, and continuously revealing new talent. It is organised every year by the Le Public Système Cinéma and the Centre International de Deauville, and presents over 60 films to audiences in three different sites: the Centre International de Deauville, the Deauville Lucien Barrière Casino, and the Deauville Le Morny Cinema. The Festival is an event open to everyone, professionals and cinema enthusiasts alike. Join us from Friday 6th to Sunday 15h September 2019. Follow us and get updates on Facebook and Twitter @DeauvilleUS #Deauville2019


Look & Learn

Permanent Collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts


Permanent Collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts

This season, the Look & Learn program wants to discover the permanent collection of MAD Paris (Museum of Decorative Arts) with a visit built around the theme “What Makes Up American Design?” From Charles Eames to Donal Judd via Gloria Caranica, the visit will be an opportunity to discover the masters of American design.

 → Reservation and registration: Efrén Hernandez, programs@monabismarck.org

 → Only for school groups

 © Meredith Mullins

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